Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Mother Road

Today we traveled through the Ozark section of Route 66. It is quite a chore to stay on old Route 66, but I think we did a great job. It's worth the effort too because you really hit some super cool places you wouldn't see unless you slow down. It seemed like Missouri would never end...we averaged 45mph and only covered like 250 miles today. Kansas was only 13 miles or so, but probably the coolest stretch yet. TowMater sits in front of an old gas station in Galena. Baster Springs was kinda cute...untill you look a little harder and it's pretty seedy. We were going to stay in the Baxter Inn until we got there....probably not a good idea. Really shady lookin' guy in a hoodie sitting in a swing in front of the door. We just kept driving until we got to Oklahoma.
Tomorrow should be cool because there is tons to see in OK.
Matthew is quite a trooper. He's just going with the flow so expected. Hopefully he won't get tired of it. We do stop quite often so it's tough to get bored. I wonder what World's Largest whatever we'll see tomorrow...


  1. How are the Ozark Mountains? Are they comparable to the Smokey Mountains? I have always wanted to take the bike out there.

  2. Actually, the Ozarks are kind of flat. You travel through the plains of Missouri and notice that the rock looks different. Before you know it, your on the Ozark Plateau. No real climbs typical of mountain terrain to mention. At least not on 66 where we were any way.