Sunday, October 11, 2009

KY to MO

Well we were in four states yesterday...Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. It's quite obvious why they call it the "heart land". It's pretty flat out there but totally beautiful. Matthew is doing great so far. We think he's developing a bit of a cold...which would suck. But, hopefully it won't be anything more than a sneeze every now and then.
We got to the MO side of IL and found the old Route 66 in time to see the World's Largest Catsup Bottle. Then we headed in to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals game. That was a ton of fun...not the part when they lost, but... The Busch Stadium was really pretty. Matthew really hung in there too. He loved the Red Bird and all the clapping and cheering...although there wasn't much of that. On our way to the stadium we had to find our way around the city to find a place to park. Hilarious. We wanted to be kinda close to the arch and the stadium but ended up close to neither. Not before we ended up going the WRONG way on a one way street. Thankfully it wasn't too busy, but there were some friendly locals kind enough to honk at us and let us know that we are dumbasses. Fun. The arch is nothing less than amazing.
We drove about an hour out of St. Louis to try to stay at the Wagon Wheel luck. The office was closed and no one was around. Sooo we ended up in a boring Best Western. Hopefully we'll find a cooler 1940s motel tonight. Not sure where we'll end up but probably OK. Depends on how much cool stuff catches our eye today.

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  1. Matt is adding some of the photos we've accumulated so far (only about 1000) on his facebook page.