Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here we go!

Well, this first leg of our journey has turned out pretty uneventful. Loading up the van was a chore, especially with the two dogs and two cats. We got the roof bag up and packed, and everything else shoved in with an itty bitty spot for the dogs. The cats I figured would be OK on the floor behind the passenger seat... We got to the end of our street and Matt headed home and (jokingly) threatened me with leaving the cats at home if I didn't cut their nails. So we got that done and as we were headed out of town they were freaking out. It was hilarious. Kiki was yowling so loud and Lacy was panting like a dog with her eyes as wide as can be. Finally things got settled down, but it was kind of an interesting start.
Dropping Jake off at the foster home was no fun at all. They seem like very nice people, but I'm gonna miss that dog! Matthew kept pointing to the back of Dad's Jeep telling me not to cry because Jake was back there. :o( Ah well...
Tomorrow we head to KY to see Matt's family then it's on to St. Louis to catch a Cardinals game. From there we hop on Route 66 and the fun really gets started.


  1. Be sure to stop at lots of unique lunch spots. There's nothing like mingling with locals over great food on the cheap.

  2. I think it was Sunday, we stopped at a place called the Bell in Lebanon, MO. TOTAL local dive. We stuck out like sore thumbs but it was cool. Apparently Obama stopped here on his campaign trail to show his support for the little people. There was a newspaper article and picture of him on the wall. Probably the biggest thing to happen around there...ever.